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Pirates: History vs. Hollywood

Did pirates bury their treasure?   Did they make people walk the plank? Were parrots their preferred pets...?

This show is designed for all age groups.  Please let us know what age group audience you are booking us for so we can adjust appropriately.

The discussion may even go much deeper -- discussing how pirates dressed,
what they ate and drank (yes, rum does enter into it) and even an exhibition of some of the tools of the piratical trade, the cutlass and flintlock.

Learn about the reality of piracy and how it differs from popular conceptions with Cap'n Zeph!

How much do you know about pirates? How much of it have you learned from television and the movies...?

Chances are, a lot of what you think you know may not be right!

These common myths about pirates and many others will be discussed by Captain Zephaniah W. Nash, an expert pirate if ever there was one.